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Allen's Flowers & Plants buys our tulips direct from both domestic and international tulip growers. Buying direct ensures that every tulip we sell is the highest quality, freshest and most beautiful available anywhere in Southern California. Right now we have a great selection of fresh cut tulip arrangements on sale now! Choose from Red Tulips, Lavender Tulips, Pink Tulips, White Tulips and Yellow Tulip arrangements.

Tulips are flowers that have been cultivated for centuries. They're generally available in a wide range of colors and shapes, but they're most commonly associated with the color red. You can use tulips in floral design to create beautiful bouquets, arrangements, or centerpieces. You can even use them to make your own homemade lip balm. Holland tulips are a type of tulip that were originally grown in Holland and were the first commercially successful variety of tulip. They are often used as an affordable alternative to roses in floral arrangements. Cali-grown tulips are another type of holland tulip that have been grown in California since the 1930s. These types of holland tulips tend to have softer petals than their Dutch counterparts, which makes them more suitable for those who prefer a more natural look or who want to use their flowers for crafting purposes rather than just decoration (such as making homemade lip balms).

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers for floral design. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes them perfect for creating any kind of look you can think of. Tulips are also known as Holland tulips because they're grown in Holland and other parts of Europe with cooler climates. California grown tulips tend to be larger than Holland tulips and have a more narrow shape. 

Tulips are one of the most common flowers in floral design, and are used in a variety of ways.

The most popular tulips are Holland tulips, also known as Dutch tulips. These are the ones you’re most likely to see in stores and in bouquets. They come in an almost infinite number of colors, shapes, and sizes, but they all have the same basic structure: a long stem with multiple petals that open like a flower. The petals on Holland tulips are usually large and flat, with bright colors varying from white to pink to red to yellow.

California grown tulips (also called “Dutch hybrids”) differ from Holland tulips in two main ways: their shape and their size. California grown tulips tend to be smaller than Holland tulips because they were bred for more compact flowers that can be shipped all over the country without losing their color or shape during shipping. They also have larger heads than Holland tulips, with fewer petals per head but more heads per plant than Holland tulips (which typically only produce one head per plant).


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