Rewards Points, Coupon Codes, and Promotional Offers

How Can I Check How Many Points I have?

You can check your Reward Points in your Account.

How Do I Redeem My Reward Points?

You can redeem your Petal Points Reward points at checkout. You must have at least 250 points in your account to redeem them towards an order.

Learn more on our Petal Rewards page.

What are my Reward Points worth?

You can check the value of your Petal Points on this page.

Can coupon codes, rewards, and other promotional offers be combined?

While there may be rare exceptions, our general policy is that coupon codes and other promotional offers may NOT be used on orders where rewards points are also being redeemed, as the rewards program is itself a promotional program.

Can I use coupon code offers on multiple orders?

While there may be rare exceptions, in general our policy is that each coupon code or other promotional offer may only be used once per email address.